Embrace the present moment through breathing. End/begin your week with a series of stretches that ground and center you for the week to come. This 75 minute class will provide you with the tools needed to create space for growth on and off your mat.     *all levels


Power Flow/Free Flow



Faster pace &  aerobic, this class promotes deep and even breathing. We will visit the traditional Warrior Sequences as well as some added balance and breath techniques that will take you through your practice with a sense of ease and support. During our Free Flow classes there will be lots of creative sequencing, upbeat music and fun!             *some yoga knowledge helpful


     Yoga Basics                                                        A foundation to your new practice. We will guide you through a series of postures that are commonly used in our studio and you will learn breath control and the mind/body connection. There is no easy yoga class but this is a great beginning to your yoga journey.                    *all levels




Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through deep breathing and holding postures for longer periods of time. Adding in options to further your practice and also modifications to build from the ground up.         *all levels


Slow Flow                                                             Slow your role for this one. Come in to connect with the breath. Let's settle in

                                                                                   to a space where we can ground & balance, maybe literally.   *all levels