Monday 8am Power Flow w/ Kirsten

Monday  4:15pm Yoga Basics  w/ Kirsten/Gina             

 Monday 6pm Slow Flow & Meditation w/ Darcee & Brianna(75 min) **Donation Class

Tuesday 8am Kundalini Flow & Breathwork w/ Ryan

Tuesday 6:30pm Free Flow   w/ Gina/Kirsten           

Wednesday 8am Slow Flow  w/ Kirsten

Wednesday 4:15pm Yoga Basics  w/ Vic         

   Wednesday 6:30pm Slow  w/ Gina

Thursday 7am Breath Work & Meditation w/ Kara

Thursday 6:30pm DEPTH w/ Kirsten/Gina (75 min)         

Friday 8am Power Flow *rotating instructor

Saturday 8am Flow to Floor *rotating instructor

Sunday 9am (75 min) Restore *rotating instructor

3rd Friday of every Month  Women's Circle @ 7:30pm  *FREE gathering

Beginning Friday Sept 20th at 9:15am; 7 weeks, 7 Chakras **Special Class w/ Extra Fee